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On-Site, Comprehensive Eyecare in Missouri Nursing Homes

Nursing Home Visits

We regularly schedule visits to our facilities either monthly or bi-monthly, and, when needed, urgent care visits will be made for patients requiring immediate attention.

We offer new patients comprehensive eye examinations culminating in diagnosis and treatment of ocular conditions. Our doctors test all patients for optic nerve diseases such as glaucoma, lens conditions including cataracts, and retinal issues such as macular degeneration. When needed, our practitioners will treat patient infections, glaucoma, and other conditions. Our frequent visits to these facilities provide us with opportunities to monitor chronic conditions and quickly intervene should symptoms intensify. Our office assists the facility in the management of patients with cataracts, diabetic complications and macular degeneration that require more acute care from other providers. We provide co-management services with surgeons to follow post-operative cases to minimize the number of times patients must leave their facilities.

Complete Spectacle Services

Our comprehensive exams include testing visual acuities and glasses prescriptions.

If needed, patients can be fit for frames immediately following their exam. We carry a wide array of frames from which patients may choose. The doctors’ assistants are experts in finding the right size and shape frame to maximize both functionality and attractiveness. Glasses are delivered to the resident by our staff and adjusted for the best fit before we leave the building. Each frame is professionally engraved with the resident’s name and delivered inside of a padded case labeled with the patient’s name. Our glasses are guaranteed for repair and adjustments for one year – we simply ask that you contact the facility who will alert us to your request.